The Quest for Vulcanoid Asteroids….

Attention Space Geeks! Vulcanoid Asteroids have caught our fancy ever since they were conceptualized way back to the mid 19th century. Of course this has been a hypothetical conceptualization, and has been deduced owing to the discrepancy in the orbit of Mercury, which can only be explained in the form of small gravitational objects. This was how vulcanoids came into being as the hypothetical suggestion of the minute calculation gaps of the perihelion precession values of the planet Mercury.

Till date, all astronomers who have claimed to have observed vulcanoids have actually viewed sunspots instead. But despite never having been spotted, the existence of these bodies cannot be disputed primarily because of two reasons, one of which is remarkably similar to how a vacuum sealer works – by vacuuming air completely out of the atmosphere.

Glare from the Sun

Mercury being the closest planet to the sun in the solar system, the observation of any bodies in its orbit becomes close to impossible as the glare of the sun is simply too much. This is the main reason why the search for vulcanoids has been going on for almost two centuries without any avail. But space enthusiasts remain hopeful of course; that in times to come, astronomers will come up with the requisite technology to observe these elusive asteroids.

Small Size

The second reason is pretty simple. It is nothing but the small size of these vulcanoid asteroids that prevents them from being spotted. After all, the minute estimated dimensions of 100 meters and 6 kilometers, is far from what an observable asteroid would look like in the infinitely vast cosmos.