The Beginning Of It All

Vulcanoids are asteroids too
Image of an asteroid in space.

This site is the fruit of a collaborative effort put together by a group of planetary studies enthusiasts. Avid members of the group come together on weekends to discuss the latest discoveries on their favorite pastime – the hypothetical planetary bodies believed to be orbiting around the sun. We believe that such vulcanoids exist in our solar system and they serve a greater purpose, which is the focus of our studies.

Is Life Sustainable In A Vulcanoid?

This question has been the favorite topic of debate among the most avid proponents of this movement.  In fact, it is believed that this one singular question triggered the flurry of activities which led to the creation of this group. As our numbers grow, so does our belief that our cause is a great cause, which could help humanity find a habitable place outside of planet Earth. That is our main objective in this closed-knit society.

We Are Destined For Out-Of-This-World Awesomeness

The very foundation of our society relies on scientific advancements in order to sustain human life. As a byproduct of progress is the natural phenomenon of extinction of natural resources. It is very clear that because of human consumption of natural resources like water, lumber from trees, as well as other natural resources like minerals will soon run out. This “extinction” triggered a scrambling to find the next viable source of resources. Thus, our scientist are in a virtual race to find the next great frontier. All this in the guise of the preservation of human life. That is where the awesomeness of vulcanoids come in. Although no life-form has been discovered todate, scientist continue to explore all avenues of possibilities and trends seem to lead us the way of the vulcanoids.

Rock sample analysis in laboratory
Rock sample analysis via cryogenetic reverse ageing process.

Theoretically Sound Judgment

Utilizing the most advanced gadgets and equipment available in the field, we are assured that every minute detail and every miniscule attribute is accounted for and properly documented. Our field operators are the best-trained in the industry, have proper licenses and health permits and best of all very cordial and accomodating. Though the last traits may seem trivial, they are crucial in the accurate gathering of data. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to be Mr. or Ms Congeniality, even in the overly serious field of vulcanoid research.